UMA – The Next Step In Mobilephone Technology


UMA – the future of mobile telephone technology? UMA, short for Unlicenced Mobile Access, is being established as concept for everybody just now. The technology lets you connect to any wireless network to the Internet. You need to have a specially designed mobilephone. When it is set up you will receive an sms with the special code. The mobilphone then automatically searches for a wireless connection, if found, it automatically connects to the ISP. If not found, it allows you to use the standard GSM-net.

Even a secured network can be used if the owner of the network did not close all the ports, that seldom happens.

There are some ethical reflections that should be considered when using this kind of technology. The use of an unsecured network may be considered the use of another persons property, however, should not the owner of an Internet connection secure it if he do not want others to use it, “keeping it behind locked doors”?. As far as I know, there has never been any legal disputes on this matter.

The UMA phones have already been used for a while, but just only for operators of different business networks. The first company, as far as I know, to provide this service to common people is,, in fact, they are also letting their members distribute the system, making this a source of income.


Source by Arvid Keskitalo